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Sometimes draws.

LVL - 23
STR - 4
PER - 3
END - 10
INT - 5
AGL - -3
LCK - 6

Aug 28

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Aug 23



The Craziest Fallout: New Vegas Easter Egg You’ll Ever See

Wow - can’t believe no one ever figured this out before. Can’t wait to try this for ourselves!

This is just crazy. Anyone else found this?

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Aug 22


You can find more funny Steam Reviews→ here 

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Aug 21


star wars meme → (5/5 scenes)

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Aug 17
“When you’re depressed, you want to sleep. When they give you medication to combat your depression, one of the main side effects is drowsiness. I can easily sleep twelve hours in a row and then have a nap a few hours later. It’s hard to stay positive when you’re constantly plotting how soon you can be unconscious, honestly wondering if anyone would notice if you curled up on the sidewalk for a bit, or a subway platform. I once spent an hour lying under a jungle gym at night, and I only got up the willpower to leave because I was worried that someone might call the police and report a dead body. On top of the physical sensation, there is a weariness that hovers around what you might call your soul. My brain is tired, my heart is tired. If I knew where to go to officially give up, I would.” The Jumble of Chronic Mental Illness (via alcindora)

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Aug 15


Portraits With Smoke by Laurence Demaison

French photographer Laurence Demaison did two series of smoking portraits called “In the clouds” and “Meditations”. In black and white, we can see smoke emanating from lying bodies or faces which look like they’re evaporating in curls of smoke.

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Aug 13


Juan Giménez is one of my favorite artists. His illustrations are a pleasure to look at, and if you have time, please, read “The Metabarons”  a treasure of sci-fi comic. (*)

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I would like to work on Fallout 4


I would like to work on Fallout 4

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Aug 12

dreamyluigi said: You didn't happen to be the one shooting up frankford road ??

Nah, I was stuck at work all day.


So there!
Someone here on Tumblr stole the picture of my pants and I’m super bloody angry about it.

So I’m uploading it myself now and already contacted the Tumblrsupport because I want to have the fake one dceleted.

 It hurts so much that the stupid stolen one hit 50k that’s just bullshit and I wanna cry
The next time you wanna upload that s*it of mine you gon’ ask me got it??

So yeah those are the nearly finished pants i painted for my Nisha-cosplay.
Nothing more to say…
here’s my site which is also the source:


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